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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Roller Shutter Company

The risk of bushfire attack on properties in NSW is a reality. The Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 calls for an improvement in building and construction standards with a view to protect homes and people from the bushfires and flames. In order to protect your property against this risk, your property must have bushfire shutters. Before you hire a bushfire roller shutter company, just go through this short checklist:

1. Check their track record

Check out your bushfire roller company’s experience in the industry. Find out if they have a permanent trained work force or depend on hiring as and when needed. Ask for testimonials and check on them to ascertain whether they did a shoddy job. Common problems include damaged, marked or un-level shutters and angle trims. The quality of the finished job is very important in both maintaining the look of your property and in saving your family home from bushfires.

2. Product quality

Cheaper bushfire roller shutters could also mean poor quality. You don’t want to install thin aluminium foam filled rollers that have a greater chance of catching fire. The shutters have to be capable of shielding windows from airborne debris and extreme radiant heat, so that they do not shatter and allow flames to enter the building. High insulative quality fire shutters are what you need in these bushfire prone zones.

3. Find out who is quoting your job

In an effort to increase sales, companies often hire salespeople with zero experience in the industry to give clients a quote. Unfortunately these salespeople end up misquoting, as they are unable to comprehend the scope and scale of the project. Not just that, you might end up with an inaccurate quote because the salesperson lacks the installation experience or will not hesitate in selling you non-essential things to increase the value of the sale. Do obtain more than one quote before you decide on your bushfire roller shutters companies.

At Adshutters, the guy who does the installation is the one who gives you the quote. Our technician’s have 10 years plus experience, you can be assured of not being misquoted or rushed into making a decision.

4. Neat and clean work

You don’t want to be left with a pile of mess after your roller shutters have been installed. We believe a thorough tidy up once the project is completed. Not just that, our workmen will even polish the shutters leaving you with a gleaming finish.

5. Quality guarantee

The client’s confidence in the company will automatically increase if there is some form of guarantee. At Adshutters we are extremely confident in our products and the quality of our installation, which is why we give a 10-year quality guarantee.